Friday, 19 May 2017

Acting Lesson 3- 29/3/2016 Status

Fig 1: Lewis and Deanna going to the movies

Fig 2: Mark and Hannah as Guest and Waitress
So this week we dabbled in Status and how that effects body language. We did this first by doing an exercise where we would pick a card from ace to ten with ace being the low status and ten being the high. We were then asked to come into the room, sit in a chair and say our name, the manner of which we did that depending on the card we got. So people who got 5 and below acted more nervous and skittishly then people who got above 5 who acted confident and proud. Status isn't just an acting mechanic, its based on what happens in real life, but playing around with who has the higher status is a very interesting twist. A waitress getting the upper hand on her customer or a boss being push around by his employees. Status can lead to very interesting character dynamics just by switching up something generic into a more unique and funnier situation.

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