Saturday, 30 April 2016

Life Drawing 20

Image 1: 5 Ink and Pastel Sketches 5 Minute each

Image 2: 10 2 Minute Sketches in Ink

Image 3: Study with Pastel and Pencil

Life Drawing 19

Image 1: Ink Drawing done in 10 minutes

Image 2: 8 Ink and Charcoal drawings 10 Minutes each

Image 3: Oil Pastel and Chalk studies 30 Minutes each

Story Telling and Commission: Art of

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Storytelling and Commission- Fantastic Voyage: Various Animations

A small compilation of some test renders, 3D animations and 2D animations I've done for the Fantastic Voyage project so far.

Some of the frames and timings for the animations need a bit of fine tuning but I'll get to that when everything is animated so that I'm not missing out on anything.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Storytelling and Commission- Fantastic Voyage: Rigging done and onto Skinning

I finished rigging my models and now it is time to skin the joint to the model itself. However I a bit confused about how to start off the skinning process in regard to combining the models first then going for the centre joint, like the pelvis joint, or to do things separate and then combining them together at the end.
Any feedback would be very useful :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

@Jordan Fantastic Voyage Art Of

Here are a few pages for my Art Of, I need to edit the dimension of a few images in there due to weird sizing issues when exporting from Photoshop. Im going to check out other fonts and figure out what I want on the other pages. Also the second page is a contents, that would go Bacteria, T-Cell, Antibody, Environment, then Screenshots of the final piece plus additional features. This is because I want each character to have a segment rather then going through all of them at the same time.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Storytelling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage- Rigging Process so far

Fig: Antibody Model and Rig

Fig 2: T-Cell Model and Rig

Fig 3: Bacteria Model and Rig
I have just finished with the rigging of the spine for the Bacteria and T-cell, overall I'm around half way done with modelling for those two characters, just the arms and neck movements need doing. With the Antibody, I am at a similar stage, however I didn't realise how complex a 4-legged animal is too model and it might take me longer then the other two. Hopefully by the end of this week at least I'd like to have all of the models done ready to animate for next week.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Life Drawing 18

Fig 1: 20 Minute Study with Pencil and Oil Pastel

Fig 2: 10 5 Minute Poses with Charcoal and Oil Pastel

Storytelling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage: Orthographs

Fig 1: Antibody Orthograph

Fig 2: Bacteria Orthograph

Fig 3: T-Cell Orthograph