Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Adaptation B:Texturing and Rigging

Fig 1: Ludlow's Head with UV mapping 

Fig 2: Ludlow's Body with UV Mapping

Fig 3: Ludlow textured without his scarf

Fig 4: Ludlow textured with his scarf

Fig 5: Ludlows Rig

There have been so many ups and downs modelling Ludlow, while UVing went quite well, Rigging (especially Weighting the model to the rig) had been an absolute nightmare, it was mostly on my part however forgetting some parts and trying to figure out what to do with the scarf - as I wanted it to be that while the scarf was connected to the rest of the model it wasn't weighted at all - was tough. After six tries and most of the day gone I finally weighted the model to an ok standard, it does its job which is all I can ask for after spending so long on it.
Maya on my home computers in general are very picky with me, one won't allow me to install mental ray and the other one throws a fit over batch rendering to the point that it closes the program down altogether. I'd have to restart the program again on both macs to see is resetting back to default can help in some way.

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