Thursday, 18 May 2017

Mental Ray 2: Final Gather

Fig 1: Original Render
Fig 2: No Maya Light Present
Fig 3: Initial Final Gather
Fig 4: Final Gather with Minimal Settings for Accuracy and Point
Fig 5: Final Gather with Accuracy at 100

Fig 6: Map Visualiser Enabled
Fig 7: Added Directional Light
Fig 8: Material X Glow Node Added
This Tutorial went over the Final Gathering method in Mental Ray. It was quite an easy tutorial to understand and is a better way to produce more realistic lighting due to Final Gathering offering a Global Illumination to the object, enhancing it. The only big issue I had with this tutorial was getting the diagnose final gather option to work on the render viewer but the map visualiser worked so it seems like a slight issue that I can work around. Making Material_X into a glow node was a very simple process to turn the model into something that looks like Tron with its neon highlights. overall it was interesting to see the effects of the Final Gather and of its usefulness as well.

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