Friday, 19 May 2017

Acting Lesson 1-15/3/2017

Fig 1: Becky, Danielle and Toms First Scene
Fig 2: Becky, Danielle and Tom's Second Scene

Fig 3: Becky, Danielle and Tom's Final Scene

Fig 4: Almu, Aureo and Lewis' First Scene

Fig 5: Almu, Aureo and Lewis' Second Scene

Fig 6: Almu, Aureo and Lewis' Final Scene

For our first acting lesson we began with imagining one enough as clay ready to be moulded, this was to creative dynamic shapes that suited with the characters we were trying to convey, like lion tamer and harpist. Being about to show a characters personality through there pose alone is very useful in terms of animation as you can show the audience what your character is straight away. The final project after break was to develop a 3 piece storyline only through 3 sets of poses, they had to be clear, well thought out and presented with staging in mind. This, in my opinion, helped in not only using poses to get a message across but also helped in imagining staging when animating in Maya.

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