Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B: Reflective Statement

As a result of the final crit for Adaptation B, I feel like I have received reasonable feedback regarding both my work ethic for this project and the quality of Ludlow's final model. I have known for some time that I need to change my process for working and how I go about it. I need to start producing work at a constant rate and publish what I do regularly. As well as this I also need to stop putting things on the back burner and I need to work faster in order to have extra time to deal with any issues or feedback given by members of staff and peers on the course. I know that I have the talent to create characters but my attitude towards work affects my abilities to perform well on various projects. I need to be proud of my skillset and apply it to my work instead of shying away because I feel like I lack the ability to do it.

This behaviour of "Oh I'll do that tomorrow/next week/next month" needs to stop, it won't getting me any closer to doing what i want to do on the course and out of the course if i continue this train of thought. I discovered late in the project, that the progress I was making increase when I did work on campus and setting up a space at home that was quiet and didn't have any distractions. This helped me in not losing focus and by keeping that time managed with strict break schedules to avoid procrastination. As well as that, I feel like I was more willing to ask for help when I needed it, asking tutors and other students as well as trying to figure problems out on my own. I feel more confident in asking for help when I need it, something that for years I've struggled with as well as showing work in general, which I still need to work on.

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