Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Narrative Project: Reflective Statement

What I have learned from the narrative project is that good communication and trust in the group you work in is key. There maybe fallings out due to things like creative differences but being mature and being accepting to other peoples opinions in the overall process helps in getting work done.

I feel as though my efforts in the project could been pushed some more, I should of focused on animating the Gran and other characters but due to set backs I was instead doing conceptual work and I was delaying my process by focusing on other things like other projects and things outside of Uni. The next time I work in a group I would like for it to have more organisation and to have more chances to see the rest of my group, for help with issues and general discussions of the possess of the project as a whole. Organising a set schedule with weekly deadlines to stay up to date and willingness to ask for help whenever it is needed.