Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Soundscape: Week 4- Creating Abstract Noise with own Sounds (Image 2)

I began to make my soundscape for my Image 2 using Adobe Audition and Premiere. For the sounds I used, two different speeds of water being poured (one from a tap and one from a fountain), my dog walking across lino flooring, a bus engine and a train coming to a stop. I also made my own sounds, some white noise and a continuous low note to give the piece some bass until I can fill it with my own recorded sounds later on. Many of the sounds have been edited with reverb and changing the pitch, as I attempted to make the sounds not sound like the things they came from. Also I tried out using the volume and changing the sound direction to bring my piece into a good finish. Overall my goal for this lesson was to try out everything I have learned these past few weeks with Kat and apply them into this piece, while also trying to find more sounds, especially bass sounds, to finalise it.

1 comment:

  1. This composition has such a strong end, I feel though it starts off a bit flat, try adding some reverb to create that space and push those sounds of the water to being more abstract like your image, try building suspense. We associate higher notes as suspenseful like in Kubrick's work or very low notes like in Jaws. try and build a fast suspenseful rhythm to peak at that great ending you have.