Saturday, 27 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Thumbnails for Potential Film Idea

An Early Piece of Concept of the cells

Fig 1: Designs for the Bacteria and B Lymphocytes

Fig 2: Designs for the Antibodies

Fig 3: Some more Bacteria Thumbnails

Fig 4: Size Differences between the Antibodies, B cell and Bacteria

Fig 5: T Lymphocyte concept and a Size Comparison with the other cells

These are some thumbnails based on one of my idea for the "Bacteria vs The Immune System" prompt. The Idea was the bacteria being a criminal and The Immune System acting as a police force. The plan is that each character will have its scientific form and a humanoid form as well, as being targeted to teenagers doing their GCSE I think its a good idea to have them know what the cells look like while still having fun with the character design of them.

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