Thursday, 11 February 2016

From Script to Screen: Living Room Pre-Vis WiP

Fig 1: Living Room Scene
This is my work in process Pre-Vis for the Living Room, where the Snow King and the bird meet for the first time. The room is based on one of my castle concepts, however, I had to make some changes to the room's size so that there wasn't as much empty space then in the drawing. All thats left for this room is that I'll just need to add some room decoration like pots and cushions etc and I will continue to move the furniture in the room around so that there is a clear shot of the fireplace for the reveal of the bird. 
Fig 2: Concept Orphograph of the Living Room that the pre-vis was based on.
Snow King's Chair- Front
Snow King's Chair- Side
Snow King's Chair- 3/4 View
Snow Queen's Chair- Front
Snow Queen's Chair- Side
Snow Queen's Chair- 3/4 View
Fireplace- Front
Fireplace- Side
Fireplace- 3/4 view

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