Tuesday, 9 February 2016

From Script to Screen: Castle Design

Fig 1: Influence Map for the Castle
Fig 2: Draft 3/4 View of the Back of the Castle

Fig 3: Front and Back View of the Castle
For the redesign of the castle I looked into some Asian palaces, from around the Tibetan and Bhutan as well as some Indian palaces that have an asymmetrical architecture and jagged, angular structures. I also looked at frozen over waterfalls as the natural way they form helped in thinking of how I want the castle to look as an ice palace for a big creature like a yeti.

1 comment:

  1. I love that first image, but couldn't help but feel that I want MORE, Bigger, crazier shapes.

    You describe it as an "Ice Castle" so I feel like you should incorporate even more of that crystaline feeling that ice gives, look at snowflakes up close and...dare I say it...the ice castle in frozen.

    If it's a hero castle then the elegance of ice is your friend, there's a particularly elegant castle/structure in the first "Neverending Story", if it's an enemy castle, embrace the jaggedness of ice. The cracks, the sharp angular nature - the fact that there is "black ice" too. I think these ideas can be meshed with your Asian slant too :)

    Anyway, Hope some of this helps :)