Tuesday, 16 February 2016

From Script to Screen: Environmental Concept Art of the Yeti Palace and Forrest Clearing

Castle Exterior

Queen's Bedroom

Living Room

Mirror Hall
Forrest Clearing

These are my concept art for the environment of the Yeti castle exterior and interior, I wanted to use a primarily cool palette for the castle with the browns and orange for the wooden features like cabinets and have the majority of the Queens possessions being purple while the Kings is a dark blue/ teal. 
For the forrest clearing in end of my film I want it to display more variety in colours, showing that the Yeti King is going towards a more colourful, brighter and warmer future, so more greens and yellows are implemented.
I would like to return to these pieces later on to continue to edit them some more, mainly to work out iffy perspectives some more and fiddle with the colour palettes, but overall I do like how they have come out, especially the bedroom piece as I had the most trouble figuring out how to draw it from the angle I drafted it in.

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