Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dissertation: The Cone of Cogency


  1. Hi Katie,

    Hmmm - I don't think your Chapter 1 is doing the right job - much too general. I think you need to deal with Horror in Chapter 1 - using the differences between tropes as the means by which to talk about cultural difference. To properly deal with the horror traditions within Western/Japanese culture is a BIG job, and there's no way there's breathing space to then go on and talking about the abject and the uncanny.

    Chapter 1: J Horror vs Western Horror - an investigation, glossary, compare and contrast - with the prime purpose or end game of this chapter to be able to summarise very succinctly the key drivers of J Horror....

    Chapter 2: so, hopefully, Chapter 1 establishes those key drivers as circulating two related themes - i.e. J Horror embodies the idea of the Uncanny and The Abject - which are ideas you then deal with properly - which means showing that you've read and understood Freud's short essay The Uncanny and that you've likewise read and understood Kristeva's essay, The Powers Of Horror - and that you're able to demonstrate your formal, technical knowledge of these ideas and how they related SPECIFICALLY to the tropes of J Horror you established in Chapter 1.

    Chapter 3 - you know introduce the genre of the 'horror game' and explain (briefly) how it situates within genre traditions more broadly. You then introduce Silent Hill etc. and you use the two games to illustrate the tensions between two culturally-specific sorts of horror, using the ideas of Freud and Kristeva to prove your argument etc.

    Does this make sense?

    1. ah yes this sounds like a more fluid way to go about things, I was having trouble like picturing what I wanted Chapter 1 to be but the way you've said seems to be a good way to go with this, Thank you :))