Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Adaptation B: Initial Concepts

Fig 1: Ludlow

Fig 2: Joe Zabbidou
Here are some Initial drawings for the two characters from "The Black Book of Secrets" I'm style experimenting with the style I want to go for and trying to figure out how to make the two characters relatable to each other. Clothing wise I've decided to go with a more Victorian style however due to Joe's known habit of travelling for his job as a Secret Pawnbroker I'd imagine that he wouldn't be in a stereotypical English suit. Ludlow on the other hand is a poor boy from the City so him wearing the chimney sweep boys clothes of shirt, overalls and a larger then him coat would suit to drive the point that he is more and make the silk scarf he stole at the beginning of the book more prominent. I want to use the character descriptions from the beginning of the book when the two characters meet for the first time as that has the most description.

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