Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Adaptation B: Character Research

Ludlow Flitch:

  • "He truly was a pale and sorry figure, undersized, undernourished and shivering so hard you could almost hear his bones rattle. His eyes were striking though, dark green with specks of yellow, set in a ring of shadow. His skin matched the snow in tone and temperature"- Page 15
  • "I took the opportunity to jump down and sneak a look in the cab, wherein I found a leather purse, fringed printed silk scarf and a pair of gloves. I wrapped the scarf around my neck and slipped the gloves over my numb fingers. The purse contained only a few pennies but it was a start."- Chapter 2, Page 8
  • "As for the boy, his skinny, short-legged attendant who went him everywhere (Joe Zabbidou),he seemed a sly little demon. He wore gloves that looked suspiciously like his own, the ones Jeremiah was certain the coach driver had stolen. And those big dark eyes. Jeremiah had never once managed to hold Ludlows gaze. He always had to look away."-Chapter 19, Page 121
  • "'I can run fast and curl up so tight I can hide in the smallest places'" -Chapter 4, Page 17
  • "Ma suggested that I be sold to a chimney sweep. My skinny frame more than suited to the narrow, angled chimneys,"- Chapter 10 Page 49
  • Wore a grey shirt- Chapter 4, Page 17
  • "He resembled so many City boys, dirty and skinny. He certainly smelt like one. His clothes were barely functional (apart from the scarf and gloves which were of much higher quality) and he had a distrustful face that gave away the wretchedness of his past existence. His was bruised and his mouth was very swollen, but there was a spark of intelligence - and something else - in those dark eyes" Chapter 4 page 19
  • Has all of his teeth- reason he escaped to Pagus Parvus was because his parents wanted to rip out his teeth to sell them to the rich for booze money-Established in Chapter 1
  • Suffers from Travel Sickness- Chapter 2, page 7
  • Pickpocket- Established in Chapter 1
  • "Ludlow wondered idly if any had a pocket worth picking"- Chapter 6 Page 33
  • "Ludlow was always a few steps behind, no higher than Joe's elbow, trotting to keep up"- Chapter 17 Page 97

Joe Zabbidou:

  • "It was not easy to describe Joe Zabbidou accurately. His age was impossible to determine. He was neither stout nor thin, but perhaps narrow. And he was tall, which was a disadvantaged in Pagus Parvus." Chapter 3, Page 11
  • "Joe was dressed suitably for the weather, though unheedful of the current fashion for the high-collared coat. Instead he wore a cloak of muted green, fastened with silver toggles, that fell to his ankles. The cloak itself was of the finest Jocastar wool." Chapter 3, Page 12
  • "On his feet Joe wore a pair of black leather boots, highly polished, upon which sat the beautifully pressed cuffs of his mauve trousers. Around his neck was wrapped a silk scarf, and a fur hat shaped like a cooking pot was pulled down tightly over his ears. It could not fully contain his hair and more the a few silver strands curled out from underneath." Chapter 3, Page 12.
  • "With every step Joe took, a set of keys hooked to his belt jingled tunefully against his thigh. In his right hand he carried a rather battered leather satchel straining at the seams, and in his left a damp drawstring bag from which there emanated an intermittent croaking." Chapter 3, Page 12
  • "For now he had to deal with the pawnbroker. Every time he thought of Joe, That string bean of a character whose hair defied description,"- Chapter 19 Page 121
  • "Without a doubt Joe was the breath of fresh air the village had needed for a long, long time."- Chapter 21- Page 128
  • "Sometimes conversations with Joe were like riddles"- Chapter 16 Page 91
  • "Joe was indeed coming down the street in his usual jaunty pace. He had the grip of a mountain goat. Right now one or two villagers were wondering whether his shoes did contain those telltale cloven feet."- Chapter 22 Page 139
  • "Joe was a man of few expressions"- Chapter 16 Page 90
  • Has a pet frog named Saluki- glistening skin in a patchwork of vibrant reds, greens, yellows. Unlike any frogs in Pagus Parvus. Her feet aren't webbed but instead more like long-fingered hands with knobbly joints and toes. - Chapter 6 Page 29 Treats her like a queen, feeding her the finest bugs, snails and worms- Chapter 16 Page 90

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