Monday, 20 February 2017

Adaptation B: Casting Call- Ludlow Fitch and Joe Zabbidou

Fig 1: Ludlow Fitch
Fig 2: Joe Zabbidou

Here are a series of actors that I envision would play the characters of Ludlow and Joe from The Black Book of Secrets. The main goal of this exercise was to find people that fitted with the character descriptions of the two characters. This is to help in envisioning a clearer understand of how I want my character designs for the two to be using the characteristics of these actors and director. The general aspects that I looked for when casting the two characters, was piercing eyes, a youthful face and a slim figure for Ludlow and wild hair, a tall and serious older looking man who fitted the mentor role that Joe provides to Ludlow. The ages of the characters are not specified in the book but Ludlow is a boy in his teens while Joe is anything 40 and above as deducted from the description of him in the book of having greying hair.

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  1. Hi Katie... you might have done this already, but not let me know... but if not could you complete the Student Survey and leave a 'done it' on the comments thread - much appreciated :)