Monday, 20 February 2017

Critical Perspectives- Dissertation Proposal OGR

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  1. There are some fundamentals in the approach to reading and research which are missing. Extend your reading around genre study, the function of genre and its connection and relevance to gaming and the relationship of gaming to film theory.
    Other basic missing starting points would be concepts in postmodernism associated with reception theory and post structuralism- particularly read The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes and the use the idea that in semiotics, social and cultural context becomes content for the reader in how to understand and interpret the signs they are presented with particularly in film and games.
    Your overview of the dissertation is a little jumbled- work on ordering and presenting content more logically- I wonder also if our question is too generalised- you should set up the title as something specific to interrogate in depth- what are your conclusions?
    In Chapter 2 I think its important to be clear about what you are saying- are concepts like the abject and the uncanny interpreted and read differently by the viewer? Do you understand these concepts sufficiently and have you done enough fundamental reading around Freud and Kristeva to be perceptive as to why these ideas are used to analyse film?
    In eastern contexts is psychoanalysis used in the same way to understand/explore meaning and review/critique film? Definitely not.
    Also consider the debate that we have far more hybridisation in film and games where eastern and western codes of representation and philosophy combine. In good books on film history, theory ad animation now there is always a chapter on globalisation because it is such a prominent aspect of postmodern culture and our new blurred boundaries. This is a third way to consider your subject and also connects to more Postmodern ways of understanding genre. You need to research more around this.
    I think you should read Pam Cook The Cinema Book and also How to Read Film by James Monaco to help with your understanding of psychoanalysis as a tool to analyse film/gaming and interpret its meaning.