Sunday, 31 December 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Modelling Progress

Fig: Mr Polo Head Model 1
Fig 2: Mr Polo Head Model 2
Fig 3: Mr Polo Body Model
The head needs some more finessing to get Mr Polo's brows and eyes sorted, I haven't quite figured out whether or not to model the hints of a mouth he has on the sides of his head or leave it for texturing, so that is also another thing on the list of things to do.

Bodywise, Mr Polo's is rather simple in comparison to the other two bogeyman due to it primarily being his coat. His feet are my main concern as I want to make sure that they aren't obscured by the coat to allow for a clean rig, so i might lift up the coat as to avoid the overlap shown in the orthographs, allowing the entire shoe from the side to be shown. If that doesn't work i might also have to consider increasing the size of the base to allow for clear back and forth movements to be shown.

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