Sunday, 3 December 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Final Design and Orthographs

Fig 1: Finalised Design for Mr Polo

Fig 2: Head Orthographs
Fig 3: Body Orthographs

Fig 4: Additional notes for Mr Polo's Scarf
This is my finalised design for the character of Mr Polo for my Project. His design is significantly simple in comparison to Mr Plimsoll, he doesn't have visible legs, something that would be a challenge to create in 3D, however due to the description on the character mentioning how he appears to "glide along" I felt like it was a direction suitable to the character. Although, as I go about the modelling process, I might widen the end of his coat slightly just to allow for minor leg motion when it comes to rigging. As well as this I wasn't sure if I should include a mouth on him or not, considering his face is mostly covered with his jumper and scarf I didn't think it would be too necessary to include one. However if I do end up giving him a mouth I would probably add it in 2D as a time saver instead of modelling a mouth that would barely be seen.

My main concerns over modelling this character mainly revolves around how to model his eyes and the process of making his scarf despite the fact that I was able to make one in my previous project.

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  1. These are nice :) I think what would be cool is to keep his mouth hidden for through-out most of the story and then have the mouth as a creepy or shocking reveal.