Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Minor Project: Mr Plimsoll Modelling and Updated Orthographs

Fig 1: Model Before the Addition to the Orthographs

As I was in the process of modelling the head for the character of Mr Plimsolls I ran into some issues as to how to model the top of his head as I didn't feature it in my orthographs, having him wear his hat instead. This cause me some problems in understanding the head and where to put vertices so I went back and updated the orthographs to show potentially how the head would look under the hat.
Fig 2: An Update to the Orthograph
The addition is pretty basic but because I don't plan on showing the character without his hat I thought that keeping it simple was the way to go. Also I realise that the character also doesn't have a well rounded back to his skull, it lands a little short of the mark, this seems to be a common mistake I do as it also happened in the previous project I did in regards to 3D modelling and it is something that I would have to work on in future.

Fig 3: Model After the Addition to the Orthograph

 Overall I feel like the addition I made to the orthographs helped in increasing my understanding of the character in a 3D space, it does feel better having an idea of where the skull could be laid out under the hat rather then guessing. There are some things about this model that I am nervous about, like the protruding cheeks, the nose and the mouth, I feel more confident and positive in going about it.

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