Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What if? Metropolis Thumbnails 21-37 [UPDATED]

Fig 1: Thumbnails 21-23

Fig 2: Thumbnails 24-27

Fig 3: Thumbnails 28-30

Fig 4: Thumbnails 31-33

Fig 5: Thumbnails 34-37

I was experimenting with some new inks I got earlier in the week and tried to encorperate Miró's sense of colour in some of the thumbnails, I also came up with other ideas about how the city would work.
[EDIT]- I retook the photos under some better lighting, they should be less tacky and look clearer now.


  1. I can actually see your thumbnails in this photos, Katie - not good :( These are rubbish photos of charming thumbnails! Can you please take a bit more pride in the way you're presenting your own work; this is too shoddy for this level of study and this course! Sort it - and make the most of your stuff!

    1. Oh man I'm so sorry phil, I was having lighting issues and had to hold my sketchbook up to get a good shot of them, however my Mum's thumbs did get in shot. Tomorrow I'll retake them in better light and reupload them for sure. Also I'll sort out the colour correction too because it does look shoddy and very orange, it really doesnt bring out the best of the colours I used. urgh even I am ashamed in my failings now so I'm definitely gonna sort this out as soon as possible no worries! >:0

  2. These thumbnails make seeing your city much clearer, I like 33 this idea of another building/village hiding underneath or behind it :). Keep them up.