Monday, 16 November 2015

What if? Metropolis: Production Art-Concept Ideas

Here are a few draft ideas of some buildings, lamposts and flag designs for my city, Pilar. Some of them are based on Miró's paintings of women, others are based on his sculptures and some are based on some of his abstract works that focus on blue and orange, mainly because I wanted to branch out of using primarily red and green. I want my city to include these flag-like props, as many of Miró's abstract work features this element.
I plan on doing more in the future that aren't as focus on Miró's work and are more influenced on his use of shape and colour placement instead.

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  1. very charming, Katie (just watch your image sizing, your images exceed the blogger content width). I like 5 and 6. Like a few of your classmates, perhaps tracing your thumbnails using Illustrator - to just rationalise the forms a little more so - would be a good next step as you think about turning some of these thumbnails into principle assets?