Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Production Art: Building Layout Ideas/ Doors and Windows Thumbnails [Feedback Please]

Fig 1: Door Designs
Fig 2: Window Designs

Fig 3: Green Building Designs

Fig 4: Blue Tear Shaped Building Designs

Fig 5: White Building Designs

I made up some additional production art thumbnail pieces of my buildings as a result of the feedback from my OGR, regarding windows and doors being too generic and how they dont connect to the rest of the city. From this I went to research into old spainish buildings and experimented with basic shapes. I have the colours for the buildings relatively set already, as shown from the final concept piece, so all I wanted to do here for the moment was sort out the layout of the building structure and of the designs of the windows and doors. this was done as a way to see if I am on the right track with these before neatening them up in Illustrator. So feedback is very much welcome!

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