Sunday, 1 November 2015

What if? Metropolis: Thumbnails 1-20 [UPDATED]

Fig 1: Thumbnails 1-2

Fig 2: Thumbnails 3-4

Fig 3: Thumbnails 5-7

Fig 4: Thumbnails 8-10

Fig 5: Thumbnails 11-13

Fig 6: Thumbnails 14-16

Fig 7: Thumbnails 17-20
In this series of thumbnails i wanted to focus on the cities structure, basing it on the area Miró was born, Catalonia which is a very mountainous area of Barcelona. I also tried to impliment common elements of Miró works regarding the red sun, the stars and the geometric shapes as buildings with the shapes of the sculptures he made being statment parts of the city, like a town hall, a museum, a clock tower or any otherkind of public building. I also had the idea of the city progressing through Miró art style as it progressed through the years, starting with his more realistic art like the pieces "Cart Tracks, 1919", "Vegtable Garden with a Donkey, 1918" and his pieces on Montroig, from the same years.
Then as you progress up into the city the buildings get more and more abstract in their design, until towards the peak of the hill it has buildings reflect his latest works and hiss sculptures like "Sun Bird, 1968", "Model for La Défense,1975" and "The Caress of a Bird, 1967". I especially like the last sculpture as its design is really memoreable and appeals to me so it features in many of the thumbnails shown.

[EDIT] I retook the images so that the focus is solely on the thumbnails.

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