Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OGR: Invisible Cities

Scribd. seemed to enjoy resizing all of my slides, I have tried fixing it but it still messing things up.

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  1. OGR 10/10/2015

    Morning Katie,

    Thanks for being patient. Re. your battle with Scribd... did you export your original presentation as a PDF before uploading? Scribd often tinkers with formatting if you don't...

    Okay - as it's early days, I'm going to be super-honest with you about your OGR... because I actually found it very frustrating - and I suppose in creative and imaginative terms, a bit deflating.

    Your mission statement is pretty depressing if you consider the creative mission of this brief - and the fact of your role as a concept artist. You make a number of mistakes: firstly, you spend a good part of your mission statement talking about your 'lack' of ideas; you also talk about how the decision to choose Despina comes, not from some great leap of imagination or burning curiosity, but because 'it was the first thing that came to your mind'... Your mission statement isn't about design, or about your fascination with the city, or a sense of wonder, or curiosity as to who might live there etc. it's about the limit of your imagination and your lack of ambition/research/ideas... :(

    I find this frustrating a) because it all seems rather unprofessional (isn't it your job on this course, and later in your career to 'be amazing'?) and b) because many of your thumbnails seem to exhibit much more interest and excitement than you're able to express here. To me, everything here is too casual, too half-hearted and too 'this is a school project, sigh...'

    This project isn't about painting cities, it's about big visions and big imaginations! I'm sure you've got both, but this OGR is a mis-step - so reflect on what I've said here and move on and put some rocket-fuel under your project and move it along with energy and a some joy! You're a concept artist, Katie! What an amazing job!

    I think there's much more to Despina that you need to think about in terms of its conceptualisation; for this reason, I'm directing you to take a look at the feedback I've left on two previous Despina OGRs, because hopefully some of the questions raised and images referenced might inspire a bit more invention, originality and curiosity on your part:

    Onwards, Katie - time to actually do the work!