Monday, 5 October 2015

Invisible Cities 82-101

I found the cities in these last 20 thumbnails to be very interesting, and I had fun drawing them, especially Marozia dual cities and Andria was enjoyable to draw aswell. I also did some more thumbnails for Despina just because I wanted to be a bit more sure of the colours I'd like to use, mainly being orange and blue along with white and red.

Thumbnails 82-91

Thumbnails 92-101


  1. so many to choose from! Any favourite cities yet?

    1. Yes I do! I really like Despina, I have some nice real life references to base it on. But I also like Andria because I enjoy the idea of the city being a series of platforms that uses some sort of mechanical system underwater to turn into different constellations depending on which one is visible at the time :)

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