Monday, 12 October 2015

Invisible Cities- Additional Thumbnails: Despina

Now then I have come to realise my mistake while I was writing up my OGR, and thanks to the feedback I re-read the description to Despina and saw that I only thought of half of the city's looks. So to combat this ignorance of mine I drew up some more concepts, from both the camel's view and the sailor's view. I also thought that the city would have different influences depending on what side you are looking at, from the sea you'd see more arabic inspired buildings, domed roofs with rusted reds and browns. While to the desert side it would be more modern day european holiday city like in my original concepts. I also need to look into the formations of Desert sand and of the Sea for futher research of their natural structures.

Fig 1: View of Despina from the ship, I wanted the main figure of the city from this view to look like a bactrian camel
Fig 2: View of Despina from the camel, I tried to make the main silhouette of the city look as much as a tanker as possible 

Fig 3: rough concepts of the second shot of the city, I need to use more of the perspective tips from the Photoshop Lessons to improve this but its a start.

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  1. Hi Katie :) Really, my feedback, though blunt, was just pushing you to get past what was rather conventional and 'first idea' about your original ambitions for this city; remember, you're being asked to visualise something for an animation-reality, with all the style, exaggeration, impressionism and colour so implied.

    Take a look at these examples of 'concept art' of animation to see what I'm talking about: