Friday, 29 September 2017

Maya Tutorial: Rigging 3 Part 2 & 3- Conditional Squash and Stretch & No Flip Pole Vector

Fig 1: Default Model in the Maya Viewport

Fig 2: Model Stretched out in Maya Viewport

Fig 3: Model out stretched with a twist at the knee in the Maya Viewport

Fig 4: Render of the Default Model

Fig 5: Render of the model with arm bent

Fig 6: Render of Model with arm Stretched

Fig 7: Render of Model with leg bent with no Twist in the IK

Fig 8: Render of Model with IK twisted at -35

For these two tutorial I decided to do them together as they both used the same rig. One was about conditional squash and stretch, using nodes to enable stretching for certain reasons as well as to a point. While I did follow the tutorial step by step for the arm I was able to do the leg almost entirely independent, only using the tutorial when I was confused about what parts should be point constrained and the full length of the leg.
The other tutorial dealt with the Pole Vector in the knee and how to stop it from flipping when the knee bends in certain ways, enabling for easier and simpler pose ability. Again this was a simple tutorial and I was able to understand how the method worked relatively fast although the way that the Twist Control and Offset still has me a little confused as to the maths behind it working.
Overall both tutorials were relatively easy for me to get my head around and could prove to be useful in my project for my characters.

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