Wednesday, 2 March 2016

@Phil The Fantastic Voyage OGR 1

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  1. OGR 05/03/2016

    Hey Katie - thanks for being patient :) I really like the strong, Saul Bass-esque style you've adopted here. Not completely sure from your OGR how the city features in terms of a metaphor (city as the body?), but I like the film-noir inspired angles. I suppose, in practical terms, I'm a bit worried to see human characters and dogs in the mix, as I know what this means in terms of animation in Maya etc. That said, there is no reason why you can't create a 'mixed media' response - so for example, you create all the sets in Maya + moving cameras etc - and then you use Flash for the character animation, and you composite the Flash element and the Maya sequences together in post-production. Just as you're drawing onto an existing image with Meg, with the Flash element seemingly interacting with it, you could develop a similar approach to this project. Anyway, the addition of some 'boiling' lines and a bit of hand-animated stuff can really bring Maya scenes to life - take a look at this film to see what I mean:

    You can also see a very simple example of combining Flash elements with Maya assets here in a FV film from last year:

    Short version is I really like what's happening in some of your thumbnails, and your creative challenge would be to keep that sense of style as a living, breathing thing in your final film.

    The other big challenge students face with this project is the integration of the scientific terms themselves - do you have a voice-over or do you somehow label things 'within' the story world itself? I can sort of see how written elements could be included as 'neon signs' on the walls of some of your buildings, or as graffiti or as headlines in newspapers left on the pavements - in short, the science stuff is 'in' your environment. A voice over could be a classic 'film-noir-style' hard-bitten detective narration as in the novels by Raymond Chandler...

    There's also something that just screams 'jazz' about your thumbnails - a 30s/40s New York jazz sound...

    Anyway - I'd be very interested to learn more about your actual plans in terms of animation and likewise in terms of getting the science bit 'out there' for your audience.