Monday, 14 March 2016

Storytelling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage Post-Pitch

Priorities following the Pitch:

1. Figure out how to implement a way to make the jump between the science form and the character form for my characters and neaten up the designs some more, such as with the dog design and think about looping the scene but having the first and last frames to be the same/ similar.

2. Work on the Narration and how to put across the hard-boiled detective from the 1940s narrative in a way for my target audience to understand.

3. Use Soundscape to portray the city as a lively place by using environmental sounds along with the Jazz a compliment to the action in the animation.

Overall I feel as though the feedback I received at the pitch was very positive and constructive. It's nice to know that my concept ideas are good and that the only things I really need to do is to go in a tweak a few parts of my storyline so that the science elements aren't jarring compared to the characters.

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