Monday, 7 March 2016

OGR Feedback: Fantastic Voyage

From the feedback received from Phil on my OGR, the majority of it was very positive and the ideas and concepts he has linked me have me very influential. While I still have a few things I need to flesh out like how the story of the film will be and how keep the scientific terminology and the process the Immune system uses to get rid of antigen/bacteria. I can now focus on that aspect now that the design and feel for my piece as been approved.

Regarding how to do the animation, I want to use mix media and try to incorporate the majority of what I learnt in this year into the video. I have decided that I'll use Maya for the character animation and maybe for some of the foreground pieces. Using a surface shader onto the model's materials i would be able to achieve the effect of a 2D looking 3D character, keeping the influence to Saul Bass intact. For the backgrounds and additional effects that I wouldn't be able to achieve in Maya,  I'd like to use Aftereffects and Flash, this includes, cityscapes, secondary actions on the characters and the characters in their scientific form.

I would like to go for that film noir, hard-bitten detective narration while also mixing in text as from my market research the audience I have chosen prefer to have both to help in their understanding and learning. Originally these texts where going to appear in a rather default way but Phil's idea in incorporating them into the city life such as neon signs or as graffiti seems like the right way to go in keeping the immersion there while also learning.

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