Monday, 18 January 2016

@Phil Storytelling and Commission- Story Ideas 2

Based on the feedback given by Phil, I went back to the drawing board. Like I didn't even think of a Yeti/ Abominable Snowman! Also I wanted to make the plot simpler like Phil also said in the feedback. So here is an idea I have had based on the comments received:

It starts off with a photo of a yeti king and his queen, panning out we see the king, miserable and grumpy as he's hunch over this small picture. After an establishing shot of the exterior of the frosty castle, there is a flashback to an argument between the two yetis leading to the queen leaving for a better life in the warmth. Cutting back to the present day the yeti king is looking through the ex-queens things, finding a large icy mirror with a small note inserted in the frame in the back of a wardrobe. As he brings it out of its hiding place and is about the read the note, the frosty sun outside pierces into the room bouncing off of the mirror and outside. The yeti rushes to the window and sees a melted patch of snow, revealing flowers underneath. He opens the note to see that its from the queen. Snow starts to melt off of his face and he smiles, his heart warm and loving again.

Another idea I had was that a worn out abominable snowman, who's cold and tired, stumbles across an abandoned castle, nearly completely frozen over. He spots a grand fire place in one of the great halls and tries classic methods of starting a fires. He then has the idea to try and find all the mirrors in the castle after spotting a strong light being casted out of a small round window at the top of the room. The result is a concoction of mirrors stacked on top of each other, bouncing lights from one to the other until it hits the fireplace. A fire starts after a little suspense and the in the final scene the yeti is chilling on a sofa.

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