Saturday, 30 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Storyboard Frames 1-54

Fig 1: Frames 1-6

Fig 2: Frames 7-14

Fig 3: Frames 15-19

Fig 4: Frames 20-27

Fig 5: Frames 28- 35

Fig 6: Frames 36- 41

Fig 7: Frames 42- 46

Fig 8: Frames 47- 54

In these Storyboards, they cover the "First Act" of my story,  telling the story of why the Snow King is so cold and jaded due to the loss of his wife. Some of the frames here are planned to be very quick so that this portion of the film won't be too long that it extends the film's overall length. The red arrows are to help with showing which frame it which as I myself got confused looking back through them due to the roughness of the thumbnails haha!
SIDE NOTE: I also used my new tablet, the cintiq 13hd to draw this and it was a blast :)

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  1. Very excited to see you move into the 'directing with a pencil' stage! And on a posh new Cintiq too! :)