Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Maya Tutorials: Block Modeling

I had fun making the ray gun for this Maya Tutorial, and I enjoyed rendering in the toon settings. Instead for just going for a darker colour then the base colour I decided to use on particular colour, blue, through out as I felt it made things look more interesting. I couldnt decide if I prefered the gun with an outline or without so I have posted both.
The only issues I had with this was the lighting when I was rendering as it didnt want to go the way I wanted it to.
Fig 1: without outline

Fig 2: with outline


  1. This is a very 'cute' laser gun, Katie - but take another look at the sizing of your images - you've uploaded them at a size which exceeds the content area of your blog (i.e. the width of the area in which the type appears). This gives your post a very scrappy, uncared for appearance - like wise the gapping between the text and the images. A little bit of care and polish wouldn't go a miss; use the 'preview' option prior to publishing your posts to see if they're looking smart. I suggest you re-edit this post; select the images and choose the next size option down - and be sure to align your images in the same way - looks like you've got an 'aligned centre' image (top) and an 'aligned left' for the bottom image. Take a moment to polish your posts! People are looking (and sometime soon, employers!).

  2. oh yeah - and a bit more housekeeping: your blog needs your name, and also the course title 'BA Hons Computer Animation Arts' and also 'UCA Rochester'

  3. I think the cool shadow is working really well, well done.