Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Maya Tutorial 1: NURBS, Polygons Subdivision Surfaces

Eggcups in order of NURBS, Polygon, Polygon with Sub Divisions and Polygon Sub Divided

Same as the above but showing the different Sub Divisions in each eggcup
These are the my results from the Maya Tutorial about NURBS, Polygons and Subdivision Surfaces. While I was able to do the NURBS eggcup with relative ease, I found the Polygon eggcup much harder to do, I kept making silly mistakes with the scaling tool but after three attempts I got it right. As well as this, as I went on with the tutorial I started to remember previous things like the tools used from previous ventures in Maya at College.


  1. Well done Katie, polygons will get easier the more we use them ..... Trust me.

    1. Thanks! I think I just needed some time to relearn how polygons work because it has been a year since I last used the. But based on how easy I found the second tutorial with polygon modelling I think I'm getting the hang of them a bit more :)