Sunday, 27 September 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbnails 1-20

So far out of the cities I have done, I have found that Despina is the one that I have more ideas for. As I was reading the description of that particular city, I was constently reminded of the city Monte Gordo Algarve Portugal, a short drive down from the city my Dad is from. So I feel as though I can relate to that city more as I can reference Monte Gordo in the design.

As well as Despina, Isidora was also a city that I enjoyed the description of. As I kept reading about it I was again reminded of a city in the Algarve, mainly the square of Vila Real de Santo António, my dad's hometown. Because of the square in Vila Real being so destintive I felt as though if I was to choose Isidora i could encorperate that design of the square into the final concept pieces.

One of the cities I did find hard to draw down was Zara, mainly because it seemed so boring to me, I couldnt imagine how to make the city feel vibrate and alive and while some of the aspects of the town, like the astronomer's glass towers the rest of the description was too un interesting to me to figure out how to make sense of how that city would work.

Fig 1: 1-6 showing the cities of Diomira, Isidora and Dorothea

Fig 2: 7-10 as well as 16, showing the cities of Zaira, Anastasia and Tamara

Fig 3: 11-15 Additional sketches to the cities from 1-6 top to bottom being Diomira, Isidora and Dorothea

Fig 4: 17-20, displaying the cities of Zara and Despina


  1. Hello Katie,

    Despina looks pretty cool I like no.18 the view of the city from the boat also no.13 (not sure if its Isidora?) the view of the square, I like the perspective kinda looking down from an angle. :)

    1. Yeah no.13 is Isidora, I wanted to do the bit from the description about the old man at the square ;v;. For Despina I wanted to make it boat like in shape, it isnt clear in the thumbnails though, like the body of a cruiser ship but on land, then base the city on one I've been to a while back. I'll go into more depths of what i mean in later thumbnails :)