Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Life Drawing: Monday 14th January

Fig 1:

Fig 2: 

Fig 3: Sectional study using 4 different colouring pencils

Fig 4: Study using 3 differing coloured pencils 

Fig 5: 20 Minute study using 3 colouring pencils

Fig 6: 20 Minute study using 4 colour pencils for the body and additional 2 for the cloth
For this life drawing session I wanted to experiment with a new medium I hadn't used in a long while, colouring pencils. I really want to practise them as I would like to use them in some matte paintings for my environments in the Major project along with watercolour. The two sets I have are Derwent Coloursoft pencils and Faber-Castell Polychromos. While being different brands, all of the pencils blend well together and the use of the darker tone of the paper I used really makes the lighter colours of the yellows and light greens and purples really stand out.
Overall I feel as though this life drawing session really gave me a good feel of using pencils and I can really see the difference of the earlier pieces to the later ones as i got more used to and more accustom to the medium.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Minor Project: Reflective Statement

My overall opinion of my progress through the minor project this year was of a general sense of achievement in comparison to the work I had done the year previous. While I wasn’t able to finish all of the things I wanted to complete before the deadline I am glad that I now have a coherent story for my film and have a visual representation of what I want my film to be through storyboards and my animatic, as before I was stuck with just an idea and unfinished character models.

One con that I have involving my work ethic was that I let time slip leading me to be behind on goals I had on my schedule. This lead me to not give things like rigging and skinning the time they needed to be finished before deadline. Especially with the type of rig I had to do for Mr Plimsolls I wish that I was able to have time during the Minor Project to have finished the rig and skinning, instead of having to bring it forward into the Major.

A pro I have with my project so far is that I feel like my understanding of Maya, such as working in the node editor, as increased because of the rubber hose rig I’ve used on my character. While I’ve asked for help in the process of making the rig I was then able to take the advice onward to help when I came across similar issues in other areas of the rig.

Going forward into the Major Project now, one of the goals I want to have going forward is making and sticking to daily goals set and to come into the uni more often with the mindset of work and asking for help and support when needed.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Minor Project- Mr Plimsolls: Animatic

Mr Plimsolls- Animatic from Katie Lima on Vimeo.

Here is the Animatic for my film about Mr Plimsolls. After looking at the feedback I got for the storyboards I made slight changes to them before sorting them out into the animatic. I realised that I would need some additional scenes as I was applying the frames to the audio as the timings between the two weren't matching up to my liking. I tried to keep the sets and backgrounds limited for the film and I also wanted to try out so effects in 2D in some of the scenes, like with the churchyard scene. Overall, doing the animatic as now given me a stronger idea of how the film will turn out, now that there is visuals to go with the audio. 

Monday, 31 December 2018

Minor Project: Mr Plimsolls- Storyboard

Fig 1: Storyboard Page 1

Fig 2: Storyboard Page 2 

Fig 3: Storyboard Page 3

Fig 3: Storyboard Page 4

Fig 4: Storyboard Page 5 - Final-

Mr Plimsolls Updated Audio after Feedback from Katie Lima on Vimeo.

Here is the Storyboard for my film about Mr Plimsolls, I wanted to go from black and white in the beginning parts and then moved to colour after the reveal of Mr Plimsolls just being a regular man. I didn't want to make the road he lived on too flat so I tried to make it look childish and that led to the circular nature of the road in some shots. A part of the storyboard that I found difficult was in the description from my Uncle about the house, I didn't want to change the perspective to my uncle as he talks about trying to avoid the house, having it instead stay on Mr Plimsoll's and his bungalow for the duration, so that part in the storyboard in my opinion is quite a weak part but it does help in the lead up to the Knock Down Ginger segment.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Minor Project: Further Update on Mr Plimsolls Audio

Mr Plimsolls Updated Audio after Feedback from Katie Lima on Vimeo.

After receiving the feedback in the last post, I updated the audio to help in stream lining the structure of it, such as deleted dialogue describing Mr Plimsolls that appeared twice and also changing the ending by swapping the two accounts over so that the ending works better.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Minor Project: Updated Audio for Mr Plimsolls

Mr Plimsolls Audio Version 2 from Katie Lima on Vimeo.

After receiving feedback from Phil for the previous post, I went back to the audio and made some adjustments, mainly getting rid of any dialogue that changes the focus from Mr Plimsolls to the person speaking as well as tweaking other dialogue, making it shorter and flow a bit faster to help in reducing the overall time of the audio.
The overall goal this time round was to have a build up of Mr Plimsolls being this scary character up until the reveal that he was just an old man and it was the children making up stories and being frighten of him solely based on his appearance, as the last version I posted didn't have that flow to it.