Monday, 13 March 2017

Adaptation B: Character Concept: Ludlow and Joe

Fig 1: Ludlow

Fig 2 and 3: Joe 

Fig 4 and 5: Ludlow and Joe

Fig 6: Ludlow and Joe

When I was going through designs for the two characters I tried to give them as much opposition while also correlating with the books original description. Ludlow is a pick-pocket from the city so giving him long slender fingers was a common element in his designs, as well as this the books continues to describe him as having wild eyes with an intense glare to them so some of the concepts play up to that but giving him larger eyes. 

Joe, on the other hand, is an older man with an emotionless face, a tall and lanky body and hair that has no set structure to it, overall the description of Joe was very descriptive although I was playing with the fact that because of his height things like his trousers wouldn't be fitted as right as it should.

Overall I feel as though while I am making progress in the character designs that I need to focus on making the two designs for them marry together to make it plausible that they both live in the same world and also make it so that the design is to a standard that I feel comfortable modelling them in 3D in.

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  1. I really like the drawings of Joe. Especially in fig. 2 + 3 :)