Monday, 10 October 2016

Narrative: Initial Granny Design Concept Art

Fig 1: Some Initial designs using reference images of old ladies 

Fig 2: some more refined and stylised ideas for the Granny

I drew some designs for the Granny character in my group narrative piece. I started off using references for face shapes and to figure out where the wrinkle placement is, so the first designs could be classed as "too realistic". In the second picture I started with easy shapes like circles and ovals that would be easy to model in maya, then played with the proportions to come up with a range of ideas for how she might look. Trying to get the "Femme Fetale" aspect in was very hard but I tried to implement some characteristics in the designs like with the hair and facial mole placements being under the eye and lip as well as darkish lipstick.

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