Wednesday, 13 April 2016

@Jordan Fantastic Voyage Art Of

Here are a few pages for my Art Of, I need to edit the dimension of a few images in there due to weird sizing issues when exporting from Photoshop. Im going to check out other fonts and figure out what I want on the other pages. Also the second page is a contents, that would go Bacteria, T-Cell, Antibody, Environment, then Screenshots of the final piece plus additional features. This is because I want each character to have a segment rather then going through all of them at the same time.

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  1. Hi Katie,

    A nice start and strong art direction throughout. The immediate question is about format. Are you presenting this book as a 16:9 document, or is it instead a square shape? With 2 pages per Scribd panel?

    If the former, I'd try to incorporate the separation of red and black a little more. But if the latter (which I assume is the case) then I think it works nicely but more integration between pages could tie things together nicely. (i.e. page numbers formatted on each page etc)

    I like the storyboard presentation and minimal presentation of sketches as a whole, but I also suggest you be careful with spacing of images. Beware that your character images don't get too close to the borders of your page. It's a compositional thing, just make sure the spacing feels natural.

    I think the line art sketches also need some clean up. Maybe they could be white against red, so that they stand out from the background further.

    In terms of typography and design, I'd look at Saul Bass some more. The style is similar, and his balance of minimal assets is inspiring.

    Interested to see more environment art in here too. Best of luck!